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popup business cardBusiness cards continue to light our fire this week as we lounge around the pool all day, watch a card come to life in the wild, and try to hang out with skateboard enthusiasts without sounding any more out-of-touch than we actually are.

Pool Services Business Card

Schwimmer Pool Services wants you to know that pool cleaners provide a variety of services beyond the ones featured on prime time TV – like maintaining a proper pH level in your pool. Toronto ad agency dougserge+partners created a card that can actually tell potential clients whether they need their pH levels adjusted simply by dipping it in their pool.

ph testing business card


Skateboarding Store Business Card

When they’re not sustaining YouTube-able injuries and perfecting their skills, skateboarders frequently tear up their shoes, or so we’re led to believe. To promote the Bronx Skate Store (confusingly based in Brazil), Todacor Comunicação created a business card printed on a duct-tape-like material that peels off from its backing to function as a patch for sneaker tears.

skate store business card


Pop-up Business Card

Freelance illustrator and paper engineer Tina Kraus makes paper come alive for a living, and set out to create the perfect calling card to highlight this. Here Tina explains what turns out to be a very simple-yet-complex piece:

“The pop-up works without any glue or tape (which makes them easier to produce) and adds a nice little surprise to the card. The card also fits into standard business card cases and the fibrous structure of the paper makes it stand out even more among all the usual white cards.”

popup business cardpopup business cardpopup business cardpopup business card


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