GPA Debuts Fold-over ID Cards

gpa_125Looking for a digital ID card stock that will save you a few bucks, as well as a bit of time? GPA has your back with its new Ultra Digital 1-Up Fold Over ID Cards, “pre-converted, spot-laminated papers with a built-in card that removes cleanly from its film liner, leaving a smooth edged, sleek card.”

Though clearly something like this has a variety of uses, GPA has its eye squarely on the loyalty card/gift-card market, though membership cards and coupons will also be a good fit.

Here are some stats straight from the mama sheet:

  • Ultra Digital 80# White Matte Coated Cover base sheet
  • Bright white shade (What does that mean? PRO members, we give you your crash course in paper brightness.)
  • Guaranteed press performance
  • RIT certified, compatible with HP Indigo and toner digital presses
  • Embossed dots along the margin of the sheet, which eliminate stacking bias and ensure that sheets transport and deliver flawlessly through the press.

Tell us more, GPA.

“Since these cards are already spot laminated and die cut, they allow for faster turnaround and eliminate the extra time and cost of additional post-press finishing. Just print, cut and fold, and these cards are ready to go.”




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