Star Wars: Return of Kinkade

kinkadeOK, this probably has as much to do with paper as a Twix bar has with nutrition (damned post-Halloween candy surplus), but this is too beautiful not to share. Then again, your appreciation of this will be directly proportional to whether or not you grew up with a mother who adored the late artist in question…Thomas “Painter of Light” Kinkade.

There’s no question that Kinkade had a talent for evoking a nostalgia for a gentler time (that probably never was) with his soft-focus paintings of cottages and lighthouses. It was only after his death that we learned that all this sweetness and light was masking a much darker personal life and flawed character.

Indeed, that’s part of what makes these meldings of elements of “Stars Wars'” evil Empire with Kinkade’s diabetes-inducing nostalgia trips so interesting – it’s as if his own dark side can’t help but seep through into his anodyne works.

Only one question remains: Should we send this link to mom?



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