M-real becomes Metsä Board

Finnish cardboard and paper maker M-real Corporation is changing its business name to Metsä Board Corporation.

The decision became official at the Annual General Meeting, and the company’s website was changed to reflect the new name.

This change is part of the adoption of a new corporate identity by the Metsälitto Group, M-real’s mother company, which is changing its name to Metsä Group and is adopting a new logo, a moose head carrying a forest in its antlers.

The new name and identity reflects the company’s roots in the forest industry (metsä is the Finnish word for forest) and its positioning as a responsible company focused on ecological paperboards.

In addition, the maker of Carta Elega and Carta Integra recently established a new R&D center in Äänekoski, Finland, where Metsä Board has an existing carton board mill, with the aim to provide product innovation to its customers in the packaging industry.


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