The Perfect Vehicle for Paper Lovers

cardboard_car4Concept cars are notoriously pie-in-the-sky creations that are more a celebration of design and the human imagination than something you’re likely to see double-parked at Target.

But then a French children’s-art teacher creates a flashy, eco-friendly concept car made out of cardboard and we instantly change our tune.


Thierry Dumaine entered his creation, “carDboard, in the American 2013 Michelin Challenge Design competition. The body is constructed from recycled cardboard, the chassis of recycled plastic. Forget about luxuries like a dashboard – you would use your iPad as your control device. Hard roof? Doors? Uh uh. And the whole shebang is powered by a combination of gasoline, compressed air and electrical energy: a tri-brid? As Dumaine points out, there are only two things you have to watch out for: rain and puddles.



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