Is There a ‘Shoot Me’ Card?

cardsWe’re all for the entrepreneurial spirit, but some ideas seem to be just asking for trouble. Take “Talk2Me,” a bundle of large-type cards held together by a binder ring that motorists are meant to use to communicate with each other on the road.

Designed by real estate agent Debbie Jenkins, the cards sell for $20 a batch, and provide such terse phrases as “Flat Tire,” “Call 911,” “You’re Cute” and (our favorite, naturally) “Hang up!”

“I think this is better than flipping someone the bird,” Jenkins told “You’re not interrupting your driving yelling at someone.” Well no, Debbie, you’re interrupting it by frantically searching your car for your “Talk2Me” cards. But that’s not really the worst of it.

Presumably Jenkins’ locality of Crofton, Md. is a Mayberry-like oasis of old-timey values and courtesy compared to the cities most of us live in today. (Having lived nearby, we find this hard to believe.) Flash a “Hang up!” sign in our own fair city and you’re more likely to be greeted with a smoking hole in the card’s center than an embarrassed expression from the driver opposite. Do they come in Kevlar?


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