The New Mohawk Product Selector

Following considerable research among a new generation of print customers who have notably different needs and expectations than their studio-based predecessors, Mohawk has released The New Mohawk Product Selector, created by the Michael McGinn Design Office.

“This is the first wave in a holistically conceived solution that recognizes the relationship between experiencing the nuances of papers — starting with color and finish — and keeping the focus on simplicity, what the customer needs when they need it,” said McGinn.

The New Mohawk Product Selector represents the condensed and streamlined product offering that Mohawk announced last week. It organizes their best-selling colors, textures and surface qualities into one single sampling system.

The tool includes a slipcase, three comprehensive chip charts and a transition guide.

The physical components of the new Mohawk Product Selector also have online counterparts to support the design, specification and purchase process while inviting real-time exploration and discovery through the ability to build custom paper and color palettes.

As a special offer for PaperSpecs Pro members, please log in and select “Mill Swatchbooks” to request “The New Mohawk Product Selector.”


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