Coolest Birth Announcement Ever

Gold foil letterpress birth announcementDon’t get us wrong – we’re pleased as punch every time someone makes a new contribution to the tax base. But birth announcements are usually such tepid affairs, probably because the proud parents are completely tapped out by that point. But designer Blake Eagle ushered wee Harley into the world with style! The usual birthdate, foot- and handprints, and astrological info is brilliantly communicated in a burst of letterpress work (courtesy of Mama’s Sauce) on black paper complete with gold foil, all wrapped up with (be still our hearts) gold wire!

As Eagle says on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

Keeping with the theme, we included things like Harley’s astrological sign and element into the design, as well as the weather and moon phase as a sort of homage to the day he was born. To wrap it up (literally…) we used a very thin wire to hold everything together and tie in the gold from the smaller card to the rest of the suite. It was then all placed in a black envelope complete with a letterpress printed address wrap and personalized stamp.”

Enjoy it while you can, Harley – it’s all downhill from here.

The larger card with the birth details was printed on Neenah’s Crane Lettra.

Gold foil letterpress birth announcementGold foil letterpress birth announcementGold foil letterpress birth announcement


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