Curious Matter AKA the Potato Paper

curious_matter2If the paper industry was a university, Arjowiggins Creative Papers would be the brainy kid who’s always turning themselves blue in the chem lab. You never know what they’re going to come up with next, you just know it’s going to be unique.

This time, it’s another addition to its arty Curious Collection: Curious Matter. Derived from spherical particles of raw potato starch (a by-product of the food industry), Curious Matter presents an unusual texture: a rich “matte surface and deep, ultra-pigmented colors.”

PRO-swb-button3“Astonishing as alchemy, the mundane has been transformed into the beautiful,” is how Appleton Coated Marketing Manager Ferkó X. Goldinger described it in a statement. “To the touch, it exudes the impossible fusion of sand and silk. The colors are so uniform, so intensely matte, that your eyes seem to sink into its depths… .Its unique tactile assets cannot be reproduced by print techniques…”

curious_matterKeeping with the potato theme, the colors are named after rare varieties of spud.

  • Désirée Red – An intense color perfect for announcing an event or product
  • Adiron Blue – Boasts a sensational graphic tone with magnetic qualities
  • Purple Majesty – Perfectly suited to the luxury goods, cosmetics and fashion industries
  • Black Truffle – Vibrant extra black has irresistible “must have” elegance
  • Andina Grey – A timeless ash grey, with a porous, pebble-like feel
  • Ibizenca Sand – A beige mineral-based shade, whose color and texture is reminiscent of the coast and its sandy dunes
  • Goya White – An extremely white shade that is versatile and timeless, perfect for four-color printing and packaging.

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