The Future is Cardboard

Cardboard "pack bag"Actually, it looks like the present is cardboard if present designs are anything to go by. Two in particular have caught our eye recently: a go-anywhere fold-up, standing cardboard desk; and a hand-carried cardboard caddy that easily clips to your bike’s carry rack.

Portable Cardboard Standing Desk
Considering that researchers recently informed us that those of us who spend more than six hours sitting each day are going to be the first ones down the elevator shaft of mortality, standing desks are quickly becoming something more than office novelties.

Cardboard standing desk

New Zealand’s Refold is selling a 14-pound standing desk made from 1/4-inch-plus thick kraft cardboard that’s strong enough to support “the weight of a person,” so should be OK for your computer setup. Recently Kickstarter-funded, the desk went for NZ $160 (about $125 US), which is about what you’d pay for a mid-range flatpack variety desk. When not in use, the desk quickly folds up into something roughly the size of a large artist’s portfolio.

Cardboard standing desk

Packtasche (“Pack Bag”)
Weighing in at about 1 lb., the Packtasche can handle loads of about 13 lbs. when clipped to your bike or 22 lbs. when carried. Boasting a volume capacity of about 17 liters, the contraption comes together with just a few folds. Currently being made to fulfill bulk orders, the inventors plan to (you guessed it) launch a Kickstarter campaign to make the packs available to individuals.

Cardboard pack bagCardboard pack bag


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