's 'One Plan to Rule Them all'

fontscom2As designers are increasingly finding themselves tackling both print and Web projects, it seemed inevitable that type companies would have to acknowledge this in their font pricing. In what Monotype is hailing as an “industry first,” the company launched the “Master Subscription” plan, which gives users unlimited access to its Web and print fonts.

For $100 a month, subscribers receive access to:

  • 20,000+ Web fonts
  • 7,000 print fonts
  • Unlimited mock-up fonts
  • Typecast (browser-based app for styling Web fonts without having to bother with back-end coding)
  • Ability to serve fonts from your own server
  • Licensing for 2.5 million pageviews a month.

If the 2.5 million pageview cap is too limiting, there are several service tiers available – up to 100 million pageviews a month for $1,000.

All of this is powered by the new Skyfonts platform recently launched by Monotype. Not surprisingly, that service is phasing out its “Skyfonts credits” system of payment, though credits that have already been purchased will be redeemable through


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