See Ya QR, Hiya Clickable Paper

ricoh_125Typical. Just as the U.S. Postal Service embraces QR codes, the rest of the world seems poised to ditch the troublesome graphic squares in favor of other, more user- (and designer-) friendly options. Top of that list: Clickable Paper from Richoh Innovations, which gives users all of the functionality of QR codes without the hassle involved in properly photographing a single, ugly icon.

Though Clickable Paper has been around for a couple of years, it’s only recently that Ricoh has rolled out the smartphone apps (iOS and Android) needed to make them work.

Simply use the app to snap a picture of the object in question (rather than just a small checkered box), and click on one of several links associated with that object. They can whisk you off to a website, play a video, and do pretty much anything else you normally do on a smartphone.



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