Paper Catalogs to the Web: You Lose

baynote2Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Unemployment-check Saturday – the results are finally in from the 2012 Christmas rush, and at least one demographic came out on top. Despite the 24/7 Internet access afforded by smartphones, tablets and the like, paper catalogs influenced far more holiday shoppers than even the largest social networking sites, according to a survey by consumer-behavior tracker Baynote.

According to Baynote’s 3rd Annual Holiday Survey, traditional paper catalogs influenced:

  • Twice as many shoppers as Pinterest and Twitter (for both in-store and online purchases)
  • 81.9% more in-store purchases than Facebook
  • 42.9% more online purchases than Facebook
  • Consumers 45 and older the most.


The survey polled 1,000 consumers between Nov. 26 and Dec. 5, 2012 who made four or more purchases and spent more than $250. (All respondents owned smartphones; 54.6% also owned tablet computers.)


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