Those Entertaining Clients from Hell

client_hell2There aren’t a lot of people you can really laugh at without feeling thoroughly ashamed of yourself later. Which is why we raise our beverage of choice to you, Mr. and Mrs. Unreasonable Design Client, wherever you are. Sure you pay our wages but let’s face it, you wouldn’t if you could possibly avoid it. And you often exact more from us in wasted hours and insane demands than you will ever part with in coin.

For those moments immediately following a teeth-grinding session with your most troublesome client, we heartily recommend a visit to Clients from Hell. There is something down-right freeing about seeing the vast number of stories there about the greed, stupidity and chutzpah displayed by Clientus YaGottaBeKiddingus.

And just when you think that a particular entry is too insane to be believed, you suddenly remember a situation of your own that makes you realize that yes, even this is probably true.



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