Laser-cut Topographical Book

laser_125The history of bookmaking is replete with volumes that defy description – it is an art that lends itself to a good deal of eccentricity. Today, the only thing that’s really changed are the greater number of toys we have to work with, and the relatively lower cost of experimentation.

All of which is to say that Nicolas KK‘s 37-page (plus inserts), 8.5-by-11-inch Communication-Elavation book follows in those footsteps wonderfully.

Using digital elevation model (DEM) data and public NASA files, the book reveals elevations layer by layer as you turn its pages, all courtesy of precise laser cuts. All of it is held together nicely with Japanese stab binding.


Only one of these self-promotion pieces was created at a cost of $120, featuring 80 lb. and 100 lb. Cover sheets of French Paper’s Starch White Speckletone paper.




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