Neenah Cabinet App Debuts

cabinet_125Neenah Paper has significantly expanded its already indispensible paper-finding software Cabinet into the mobile and desktop realms with today’s launch of its greatly retooled Cabinet app. Living up to its tagline of “Any paper. Any device. Any time,” this powerful new tool has been streamlined for Macs running OS X, as well as iPhones and iPads running iOS 7. Tablet PCs and smartphones running Google’s Android system are also nicely covered here.

Both the original Neenah Cabinet and this latest iteration were developed in collaboration with And Partners in New York.


With the newly retooled Neenah Cabinet, you can search for and compare different Neenah papers and envelopes numbering in the tens of thousands, as well as browse through all the different varieties.

And because Cabinet is constantly being updated, you always know the paper lines you’re finding are still available. You can even view papers by color, weight, texture and paper grade.

Best of all, you can easily see if the paper you have your eye on will work for the particular project you have in mind with Neenah’s Personal Proof service. Simply upload your design, choose your paper, and wait for the proof to show up at your door.

This is indeed the future of paper choice, helpfully delivered to us today. Works out nicely, don’t ya think? 😉


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