KBme2_notebook1bRecently we’ve seen countless attempts at uniting paper with smartphones (such as last week’s Evernote/Post-it Note combo). The whole thing seems much like teaching a duck to use a spoon – sure you can probably do it, but for the love of heaven why would you want to?

Yet a Taiwanese design agency called KBme2 has created an intriguing marriage between the two with its classy-looking notebook called “Phone+Book”. The landscape oriented volume features a smartphone-shaped hole in the paper on the left, and a similar opening on the right just large enough to house a stylus.

KBme2’s website is maddeningly silent on written details, in English or otherwise, so we are left with little more than a few beauty shots of the product itself. Still, from what we can see, the book comes with either dot-grid or lined paper, with the whole book being held closed with an elastic band.

More importantly, the design does something which few products have so far – provide a setup whereby one can work on a smartphone and jot down notes simultaneously. And of course no matter which page you’re working on, your phone is always right at hand.


KBme2_notebook2 KBme2_notebook1


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