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You know you’re spoiled when most print pieces make you think “Hmmm, yeah, that’s nice and all, but I wish they’d done a little bit extra.” This week, we see three business cards where they did, in fact, do that little bit extra. We enjoy a graphic designer’s card that seduces tactilely as it dazzles us visually, follow the laser-etched whirls of another, and recall the king of all hot foil stamped pieces. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Graphic Designer’s Business Card

Aussie artist Elly Beamer has a unique style that occasionally melds the beauty of the natural world with more disturbing elements – something she captures nicely in her business card. Tentacles are a recurring motif in her work and an effective part of her logo, embossed as they are here. The vertical debossed lines give it an even greater tactile quality, while the gold foil stamping and edging dazzle. Nobody’s forgetting this card in a hurry.

elly beamer business card


Laser-etched Business Card

Made by StudioEQ, these cards for Mastri Design are a stunning piece of work featuring a laser-etched relief design, cut-out logo, and a unique speckled pattern courtesy of the card stock itself.

laser etched business card


Foil Stamped Business Cards

These cards for illustrator Jason Carne remain our go-to for holy heck/hit ’em over the head business cards – you couldn’t ignore these babies if you tried…and who’s trying? After holding one of these in your hand, how could you NOT hire Jason for your next illustration project?

foil stamped business cards

  1. Peggy Barberot 11 months ago

    I d like to order Elly Beamer visit card.
    Please send me link and the price.

    Best regards and happy new year !


    • Author
      Aaron 11 months ago

      Sorry, Peggy – we don’t actually stock cards; we just share interesting ones that we find online. Sorry we couldn’t be of further help on this.

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