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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
2:00 p.m. Eastern (11:00 a.m. Pacific)

In this free PaperSpecs webinar sponsored by NeenahPaper, guest speakers Karen Mar and Suzie McKig will reveal their pro tips for designing high-end invitations – from how to handle the initial client meet to selecting paper and print processes that bring magic to luxury events. 

Palo Alto, California – September 6, 2013 – “Creating high-end invitations for luxury events is a bit like B.A.S.E. jumping in a wing suit,” says Sabine Lenz, founder of “I think of it as extreme designing.”

You have ONE shot to get it right… to capture the mood and the surroundings of a singular event. But the thrill of designing high-end invitations is the chance to let your imagination fly, to be innovative.

In PaperSpecs free webinar, “High-End Invitations,” two accomplished creatives – Karen Mar, creative manager at MGM Resorts International, and Suzie McKig, co-owner and designer at Twig & Fig – will talk about the experience ofluxury designing for special events.

Special Guest Speaker
“It begins with an idea and culminates in a handcrafted thing of beauty and relevance,” says Karen Mar. “Ink on paper. Contrasts of texture. Effects that delight the eye, stimulate the mind, and inspire the soul.”

Mar has been involved in numeroushigh-profile MGM Resorts International projects such as the $500,000 Baccarat Tournament invitations and the luscious red velvet dimensional invite package for the 2012 Chinese New Year celebration.

“Project inspiration involvesmind-melding with the client to truly pinpoint their unique style,” says McKig. “Once the design direction is established, the paper/material selectionsmust be made very thoughtfully as this is where the high-end magic happens.”

McKig is best known for her design work at Twig & Fig, which blends a wide array of print methods and often-unconventional materials to create couture event invitations and stationery.

Webinar Highlights
From defining what makes for a spectacular visual presentation to selecting the best paper, Mar and McKig will share their insights on:

  • Client Meetings: Hearing client’s key words, getting visual cues.
  • Defining Objectives: Budget, timeline, production.
  • Design Options: How to narrow it down?
  • Concept Development: Sketching, research, prototypes.
  • Paper: Weights, finishes, grain, selecting suitable material costs.
  • Production Magic: Ink, coatings, special effects, bindery, handwork.
  • Process: Design, building files, selecting a printer, tests, dummies.

Who should attend
“High-End Invitations” will be of interest and benefit to designers and marketers wanting to know more about creating enticing and memorable invitations for high-end and luxury events.

PaperSpecs webinars are developed to include inspiring real-world examples, highly useful and easily implemented tips, cutting-edge perspectives from industry thought leaders, and the results of the most current research.

Thanks to the generous support of NeenahPaper,“High-End Invitations” is free and open to the public. Space is limited though, so be sure to reserve your seat today for this special event at

About Karen Mar
For the past 10 years, Karen Mar has worked in graphic design as a creative manager for MGM Resorts International headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has lead many high-end invitation projects. For Karen, the challenge of designing a piece that is unique, memorable, culturally appropriate, and utterly beautiful while meeting budget, production, and client requirements usually begins with paper. As a student of Graphic Design at California College of the Arts (CCA), formerly known as California College of Arts and Crafts,in San Francisco, Karen was influenced by many design leaders who cultivated an appreciation for the practice of conceptual development through research, innovation, collaboration, social responsibility, craft, and refinement.

About Suzie McKig
Twig & Fig sprouted boldly in 2003. It all started when Suzie McKig and Serge Vigeant longed to reassert their passion for design—this time, together. After completing a run of ardent studies at Art Center College of Design, Suzie (Twig) launched her own graphic design firm in Los Angeles focusing on entertainment, fashion, cosmetic and boutique perfumerie clients. All the while, Serge (Fig) headed a vigorously active product design company in Montreal, Quebec. Fate brought them together one day when Twig ordered a product from Fig’s company. Even though 3000 miles apart, true love ensued. Shortly thereafter, Serge joined Suzie’s graphic design team, and the union initiated big change. They bought their first letterpress machine. Serge learned to print. They moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for a more inspiring setting in which to do their new work. Romance drove his presses and fueled her designs. Soon after, their first wedding collection came to fruition, as did the praises. And there you have it. Suzie’s gusto for paper and design hitched with Serge’s fire for precision and old-world printing blossomed into something entirely fresh.

About Neenah Paper
Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) is an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers used for premium writing, text, cover, private watermarks, and specialty needs. The Neenah signature portfolio includes market leading brands such as CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT® and CRANE® Papers, and in 2012 the company added the ASTROBRIGHTS® and combined SUNDANCE® Papers with ROYAL Brands to form the new ROYAL SUNDANCE™ Paper Collection. The company also produces envelopes in thousands of unique styles.

Neenah is committed to developing relevant mobile and online technologies including the Neenah Paper Cabinet™ for Desktop tool and the new Neenah Cabinet™ for iPad, iPhone and Android apps. With multiple manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, prime importance is also placed on recycled and alternative fiber products through the Neenah Green initiative. Visit for more information or call (800) 558-5061. Follow Neenah Paper on Twitter: @neenahpaper; subscribe to the Neenah Facebook page; or visit Neenah’s blog, Against the Grain.

About PaperSpecs
PaperSpecs is a small, independent team on a mission: To provide inspiring, objective, practical, up-to-date information about paper and printing technologies via easy-to-digest tips and tricks, entertaining back stories, and expert insights. PaperSpecs helps to guide creatives from their initial inspirations to the meticulously designed, beautifully printed and finished projects print and paper lovers cherish. PaperSpecs is exclusively for designers, print buyers and paper professionals who feel a deep passion for the tactile and powerful experience that is paper and printYou can connect with PaperSpecs on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.


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