Prepare Yourself: 99 Shades of Grey

99shadesofgrey2There’s a slim line between shameless bandwagon jumping and biting social commentary. “Ninety-Nine Shades of Grey,” a book about to be launched via a clever Kickstarter campaign, appropriately finds a shade between.

This 99 pager reveals what novelist EL James failed to in her bestselling “50 Shades of Grey” BDSM trilogy. “As any colorometrist worth their weight in CMYK will tell you, the greyscale range stretches from 0 to 100,” says Kyle Scheele on his Kickstarter page.

Initially looking for no more than $600 to self-publish the book, which features one full page of each grey-dation, Scheele had received $6,930 as of Sept. 4.

99shadesofgrey1And like most Kickstarter campaigns, half the fun is in the pledge premiums. Ten dollars gets you the paperback, $15 the opportunity to officially name one of the shades in the book. Other gifts: a “shirt of grey” and a poster depicting all 99 shades.

And everyone gets to claim the title of BDSM: backer donating some money. (The campaign ends at 12:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 15 if one of those premiums is calling your name.)


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