Astronauts Guild Business Card Trio

Dark-colored, heavy stock is “in” this year – especially since new digital printing options are making fine type and small graphics more viable.

For this unique business card trio though, the designers chose tried-and-true techniques: foil stamping and offset lithography printing. With some diligent testing by the printer, they discovered these options gave them the cleanest look without the bruising of engraving.

Black gloss foil was used on one side to create the figures (three men in business suits with astronaut helmets). Silver litho ink was used for the small type on the reverse side.

So why all the testing when mounting two stocks together would have hidden the bruising? Well, that’s where the standout element in this business card comes in: perfing. The seemingly standard 2” x 3.5” business card is perforated in two spots along the 2” way.

This creates three unique business cards – one for each of the principals in the The Astronauts Guild. Keep them all together as a “company” card or tear them apart for an individual card. What a stellar idea!

Astronauts Guild Business Card Trio was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Astronauts Guild
Business Card Trio
Client The Astronauts Guild Date December 2011 Design Kyle Valentine Print BurdgeCooper
Los Angeles, CA
Paper Mohawk Pegasus Midnight Black 130 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 2" x 3.5" Print Quantity 2,500 Production Time 3 weeks, with tests Printing Method Offset lithography Number of Colors One color (silver) Finishing and Binding Perforated, foil stamp
(gloss black)


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