Lonohana Estate Chocolate Packaging

If there’s anything more heavenly and luxurious than chocolate, it has to be local chocolate enjoyed in that paradise on earth, Hawaii. Deb Viola of Viola Design took that experience one step further by packaging Oahu’s limited edition Lonohana Estate Chocolate in an award-winning, exotic wrapper that looks as natural as the ingredients that go into this mouth-watering confection.

Lonohana Estate Chocolate Packaging - PaperSpecs

The objective? To create a luxurious package that feels elegant and Hawaiian, yet still keeps production costs as low as possible.

To accomplish this, Deb worked closely with Aslan Graphics and Moquin Press to produce a single, intriguing packaging system for all five varieties of chocolate.

Lonohana Estate Chocolate Packaging - PaperSpecs

Based on the concept of a Japanese gift box, the chocolate bar packaging does not use any glue, but rather two sets of interlocking flaps in the shape of cacao leaves. The abstract leaves are visually enhanced with a subtle, shadow-like PMS color printed UV offset, and sculptured registered emboss applied to Neenah Classic Woodgrain Bare White Cover. [Get Swatchbook]

Between the emboss and the Woodgrain feel, it’s so tactilely engaging that it’s almost impossible to put it down. (This common outer shell for all the different varieties also allows for a larger common production run.)

Lonohana Estate Chocolate Packaging - PaperSpecs

Next, Deb designed bellybands that were digitally printed on 80 lb. Neenah Classic Crest Bare White Text [Get Swatchbook] with a different accent color used for each of the five different flavors. Handwritten batch numbers and “best by” dates complete the handmade feel of this artisanal delicacy, even as it prevents the packaging from opening.

The effect is modern, yet with a distinct island feel – perfect for locals who want to shop local. And if tourists pick them up to bring to friends and loved ones back home as an authentic souvenir of Hawaiian culture, so much the better.

Photos by Ned Bonzi Photography



Project Details

Title Lonohana Estate Chocolate Packaging Client Lonohana Estate Chocolate Date September 2017 (reprinted with die adjustments March 2018) Design Viola Design Print Print Production: Aslan Graphics San Francisco; Printer: Moquin Press Belmont, CA Paper Wrapper: 100lb. Neenah Classic Woodgrain Cover Bare White; Bellybands: 80 lb. Neenah Classic Crest Text Smooth Bare White

Production Details

Print Quantity 15,000 Printing Method Digital (bellybands), UV offset (wrapper) Number of Colors 1 PMS Finishing and Binding Sculptured multi-level brass die registered emboss, die cutting

  1. Lona Walburn 6 years ago

    Exquisite, clever design! Bravo to Viola Design!

    • Aaron Berman 6 years ago

      We’re so glad you liked it, Lona!

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