Qlix Magazine

“A Mag in a Bag” … well, actually it’s in a 6.5” x 9.5” catalog envelope with a glassine window … but we appreciate the sentiment the phrase expresses in describing the unique concept behind this publication about emerging fashion.

Issue 3 has all the prerequisites of any magazine: masthead, table of contents, editorial articles, accompanying photos and illustrations, contributor bios – you know, a magazine.

But this is where the similarities end and the creativity begins. This magazine has no page count per se. It consists of three posters. Flat size of each is 16.5″ x 23.5″, folding down to a finished size of 5.875″ X 8.25″.

Imagine what you could do with this much space to tell a story, show the work of rising fashionistas, extoll the highlights of a conceptual film, or collaborate on a collage. Qlix does just that.

It’s the marriage of art and insight, fashion and fantasy, keepsake and fleeting moment – all on our beloved medium of paper moving with supermodel-like attitude in the contemporary world.

Qlix Magazine was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Qlix Magazine Client Qlix Magazine Date February 2011 Design Alicia Gaines Print J&A Printing
Hiawatha, IA
Paper Boydun Silk 70 lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions 16.5" x 23.5" flat
5.875" x 8.25" folded
Page Count 6 Print Quantity 250 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Folding
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