Digitally Foiled Sabon 2022 Calendar

If you’re Sabon and your business is selling boutique body care products rich in botanical fragrance and texture, what better way is there to remind customers to replenish their supplies of soaps and lotions than with a colorful, floral-themed calendar that perches on their desks year-round? Working closely with Sabon’s in-house designers, our friends at Sabai Sabai Design  [projects / website] and printers Be’eri Packaging Ltd.  transformed the natural beauty of the botanicals the brand uses in its products into a vibrant celebration of the year.

The calendar packaging was offset printed CMYK on uncoated stock and given an added luster through Gold foil filigrees applied to the front, back and sides using the digital MGI Jet Varnish 3D with iFoil, polymer-based process. [Wait…a DIGITAL foiling process? Yep! Find out more with our free Foil Cheat Sheet here.] Not only are the floral elements colorful, but the foil lends it all a pleasing tactile quality, too.

Turning the package over it becomes clear that the envelope shape is creatively held together with a series of clever laser-cut tabs and slots, no glue needed. Gently tugging them apart makes it blossom like a flower, which is pretty appropriate for what happens next: super-vibrant botanical illustrations practically burst from nearly every square inch of the envelope’s interior. Every square inch…except for a patch at the center featuring helpful diagrams for putting the calendar together. This is a nice touch as you can’t lose the instructions – and they definitely come in handy for putting together the calendar stand especially.

Inside, the various pieces making up the calendar are held snuggly together with an elegant laser-cut bellyband featuring the same colorful, Gold foiled title illustration as the one featured on the front of the envelope, all held together with an interlocking tab-and-slot system. (For an extra, unexpected pop of color, the interior of the bellyband boasts the same floral pattern as the inside of the envelope.)

Unlocking the band releases an illustrated bathtub brimming with flowers that you can punch out thanks to handy perforations, as well as additional punch-out flowers to add to it. The tub sits nicely on the stand above the main calendar cards, which brings us to those snazzy little celebrations of the passing months. Each card features a wide horizontal laser cut at the bottom, allowing the entire stack to sit vertically on a protruding part of the stand, which also keeps the “Sabon” name front and center.

In addition to the days of the month, each piece boasts its own unique floral illustrations and Gold foil design accents. This surrounding of the company’s branding with botanical beauty is a brilliant way to keep its name top of mind all year long.

Discover all the various foiling options available to you today, as well as the pros and cons of each – download our free Foil Cheat Sheet right here. 

Project Details

Title Digitally Foiled Sabon 2022 Calendar Client Sabon Date May 2021 Design Product Design: Sabai Sabai Design
Graphic Design: Sabon (in-house)
Print Be’eri Packaging Ltd. Paper BillerudKorsnäs Artisan

Production Details

Dimensions 230 mm x 140 mm (9.1” x 5.5”) Page Count 13 cards Print Quantity 16,000 Production Time 1 month Printing Method Offset Finishing and Binding MGI Jet Varnish 3D with iFoil, Highcon laser-cutting

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