‘Agent For Love’ Sculptured Emboss Limited Edition Card Set

While technology only makes us feel more disconnected these days, the work of designer Marc Friedland relies on the haptic qualities of paper and fine embellishments to make recipients feel they’re being drawn closer together.

It’s an approach beautifully demonstrated in this stunning 3-card set: “Agent for Love.”

Designed and produced by Marc Friedland Couture Communications [projects / website], the excitement begins with the packaging –  a White pillow-box carton made from 130 lb. Mohawk Superfine Smooth with “Agent for Love: Limited Edition” rendered in Gold hot foil on the front.

While featuring an unexpected shape, the carton impresses even more thanks to a Black ribbon handle, completing an already strong first impression. And I haven’t even opened the box yet! But don’t worry, I’m going to fix that right now 😉

Inside are 3 luxurious notecards, each made from super-thick, 100% Cotton Rag stock.

The first features a large, blind sculptured-emboss heart on the front that nearly takes up the full 7 1/2-inch-square surface. If you look at it closely, you can see there are actually 2 levels of embossing here. One is the heart itself. And the other level? That one is comprised of a series of “joins” that run throughout the heart – a look inspired by the traditional Japanese art of “kintsugi,” in which broken pottery is mended using lacquer mixed with Gold powder.

To create the “join marks,” another layer was added to the emboss which was then elevated with Gold hot foil, adding even more dimensionality to an already finger-pleasing piece.

The next 2 cards repeat the same foiled and embossed heart and join-mark pattern but add additional design elements in the form of Green and Blue foils, respectively. Matching envelopes complete what is a truly impressive set.

According to the “artist’s intention” sheet inside the package, the Gold foil join marks on the cards reflect the philosophy that our fragility, flaws and vulnerabilities are precisely what make us beautiful.

The cards themselves were actually inspired by a set of guest favors Marc designed for a friend’s wedding. Each guest had their own “fragment” as their place card.

After they signed their individual favors, the fragments were then assembled into one enormous, heart-shaped keepsake for the happy couple. This would forever remind them of the wonderful people in their lives, and that all their lives are connected. 

Which just goes to show that a broken heart, be it on a card or on the wall, can be a very beautiful thing.

Purchase details for this 3-card set can be obtained by emailing Marc Friedland Couture Communications directly.

Project Details

Title ‘Agent For Love’ Sculptured Emboss Card Set Client Self Date 2022-2023 (ongoing) Design Marc Friedland Couture Communications
Print Marc Friedland Couture Communications, Los Angeles
Paper 100% Cotton Rag Paper, Mohawk Superfine

Production Details

Dimensions 7.5” x 7.5” Print Quantity 1,000 cards Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method N/A Finishing and Binding Die-Cut, Score, Hot Foil Stamping, Sculptured Emboss, Hand Assembly

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