Letterpress that Misses the Point?

stampomaticaQuite frankly this is what it takes to get us to care a printer’s pica about the 3D-printing craze currently engulfing the world today. “Well gee, that’s swell, but what exactly are we looking at, PaperSpecs?” Why, one of two miniature letterpresses constructed by a 3D printer, of course. More specifically, these are Stampomatica letterpresses – joint creations of Italian print shop Lino’s Type and 3D-printing company Tecnificio.

One press prints business cards, the other postcards. Rather than using standard letterpress type, they employ letterpress-like blocks containing type and images that are custom-printed using 3D printers. (The brief video below will give you a better idea of how this is done.)


While an interesting idea, we’re just not sure who this is meant to appeal to. Technology lovers probably have a vast number of objects they would rather print out – guns, cars, friends (complaints to the usual address) –  and the appeal of letterpress for print lovers often is simply the opportunity to indulge in a centuries-old art form.





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