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There are days when a PRO member can easily feel like they’ve wandered into a funhouse of paper. Take two recent arrivals to our swatchbook section: Favini Crush and Favini Remake. Both are ranges of eco-friendly sheets. The former replaces up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with by-products from citrus fruits, grapes, almonds and even coffee. The latter replaces up to 25% with discarded residue of the leather manufacturing process. Curious to see what these offerings are like? If you’re a PaperSpecs PRO member you can order these swatchbooks and many, many more…for free! And that’s in addition to swatchbooks from all the big-name mills you’ve come to know and love.


Why PRO Membership Pays
Sampling the paper you want to use for your latest project is getting downright expensive – you can easily pay $15–$20 per swatchbook for each paper line. The same holds true for those elegantly designed promos, too. In fact, keeping up with which swatchbook is the latest – it’s a job in itself. It’s our job, actually; just one of the many ways we help our many PRO members get their work done better and faster for less.

Order just a few swatchbooks and promos each year and your membership pays for itself! It’s like getting all the other PRO member benefits for free, including:

How it Works
It couldn’t be easier. As a PRO member you simply:

  1. Go to either our Swatchbooks or Promotions page
  2. Have a look around
  3. Click the “Request Your Copy Now” button for the items you want.

That’s it. In just a few days you will receive the swatchbooks and promos you’ve ordered directly from the paper mills for free.


Want to see how much easier Free Swatchbooks & Promos can make YOUR life?







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