Iggesund's Septet of Xmas Cheer

_125Before we say “ta ta” to 2013, we wanted to raise a glass to Iggesund’s impressive Christmas card for this year. Actually, all seven of them. This booklet of cards snazzily celebrates the season in a range of climates, from China to Northern Europe. The piece also highlights Iggesund’s 2013 launch of a new generation of Incada folding box board, as well as its recent changeover to running solely on biomass energy. But enough about all that, let’s get down to these sleek and snappy cards.

Crafted by Dutch firm Van Heertum Design (VHD), the piece features seven cards between two covers, all of which went through a five-color offset press multiple times. They were then either hot-foil stamped or foil embossed, according to VHD’s Rob van Heertum. The word “New” was then diecut through all seven cards – a statement reflective of both the new year and Incada’s higher whiteness and increased stiffness.


Explains Van Heertum:

“After printing, the sheets were transported to the hot foil printer, where three print runs were done on a Starfoil machine.

“We used both foil embossing and hot foil flat. Then the die lines and diecuts were done. On a WPO 304 the letters were cut and pushed out and the fold lines were realized. Then Drukkerij Tielen did the finishing. The cards were cut, gathered, ordered, glued and stitched.”

All in all a great deal of care and expertise wielded to remind us all of what can be done when we push our creative limits. Bravo, Iggesund, and a happy new year to all.



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