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steve miller business card

“You have our attention.” That’s what we are calling this week’s roller-coaster ride into the world of exciting business cards, for reasons that will soon become apparent. This week, we work out with a personal trainer, try not to confuse a Chicago copywriter with a ’70s chart topper, and go all Game of Thrones-y over a vodka brand. (Previous “Cool Cards of the Week” can be found here.)

Personal Trainer’s Business Card

The United Arab Emirates is known for bold projects and never letting practicality get in the way of an intriguing design – the Palm Islands are probably the best example of this. Running a distant second: this business card for personal trainer Karim Mobayed, which is actually a 1 lb. weight. Naturally it carries the tagline “Pick up this trainer’s business card. Your workout has already started.”

personal trainer business card


Copywriter’s Business Card

We used to go to middle school with a boy called Michael Jackson in the ’80s at the height of Michael Jackson fever. True story. Anyway, copywriter Steve Miller has embraced the fleeting fame of his own eponymous twin this way, something he’s also carried over to his website. “Take the money and run,” Steve.

steve miller business card


Vodka Company’s Business Card

This business card for Black Wolf Vodka is a miniature work of art that could just as easily hang on your wall as hang out in your pocket. Here’s a detailed writeup from CardObserver to give you an idea of all the work that went into its creation:

“A strong 30pt Smooth Onyx Black paper was 3D embossed in different levels to bring the wolf head to life. This extremely sturdy all-black cardstock was the perfect background to feature such a strong design. Black Metallic Foil was used for the text to create more contrast against the matte black paper, without taking away from the overall dark colour scheme for this business card. Lastly, black letterpress was used to create a subtle topographic texture throughout the background of the card.”

(Production: Jukebox Print)

black wolf vodka business card

  1. Glenn Schuster 8 years ago

    wow – really well done!

  2. Hampus Sjoestedt 5 years ago

    That looks so dope. As soon as it’s a bit more affordable we’ll get some proper meshcards!

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