Cool Packaging: Color-it-Yourself Wine Label

coloring wine label

Occasionally you see a packaging design idea that is far stronger than its initial execution. Take Windsor Vineyards’ color-it-yourself wine label. The winery specializes in customizable labels which, we assume, means they know their way around a digital press. (And when you think about it, it’s a pretty neat option to have the next time you want to give someone a bottle of wine to mark a special event.)

coloring wine label

Anyhoo, you can customize the messages on these labels and choose from several color-in patterns. While it seems slightly shortsighted to pitch these bottles solely at women with ad copy like “Great for a girls night in or craft night with your favorite ladies,” they may well be on to something here.

coloring wine label

As several label suppliers would be quick to point out, you’re sacrificing some of our most beloved label types (gloss, foil, etc.) with a piece designed to accept ink, and you can probably forget about any serious wet strength. And yet we can’t help but think that with some additional planning and more intriguing design, the color-it-yourself wine label could really be something special.

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