New Typeface for the Map-Minded

surveyor_125For those contemplating a project designed to inspire a bit of wanderlust in its audience, type foundry Hoefler & Co. would like to draw you a little map to its latest offering: Surveyor. Inspired by the lettering found in cartography, this new family of print and Web fonts may soon take an unexpected journey into your heart. (Or it may simply cool its heels asking for directions – up to you, really.)

Here are the particulars:

  • Three optical sizes: Text (body copy), Display (headlines) and Fine (for larger sizes).
  • Five weights, each outfitted with both Roman and italic small caps, swash caps and swash small caps.
  • In its Text size, Surveyor features tabular figures, fractions and symbols.

Surveyor is yours for $199; where it leads you is completely up to you.



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