Envelopes that Scare the Stuffing Out of You

You come home from the office dead on your feet, your mind buzzing with looming deadlines, half-repressed resentments, and a determination to actually make dinner tonight rather than nuking that deep-frozen death-in-a-box yet again.

You give the day’s mail a cursory glance on the way to the kitchen–

Oh @#&.


In your hand sits an official-looking envelope that practically screams trouble. What did you do? What did you forget? What did they find out? Gah!

Welcome to the world of “Envelopes that Claim to be Important.” This phenomenon is so universal, the folks at EvilMadScientist have come up with a handy study of the practice, featuring photos of several different examples. While the piece leaves no doubt to what the author thinks of the practice, there’s a certain admiration in the description of the various tactics used by the senders.

H/T: Boing Boing


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