Verso Tempts With Chocolatey Promo

verso elevated

Verso’s new promotion, “Sterling Premium: Paper, Elevated,” employs sumptuous photography of high-end chocolate to make a point about the origins of its own premium paper line. It highlights the “many parallels between premium chocolates and premium papers, from sourcing ingredients to manufacturing to experiencing the end product, including their high quality, craftsmanship, artistry, beauty, sensory stimulation and sustainability,” explains Mike Reinhold, Verso’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and product development, in the official press murmurings.

The bonbons in those photographs are the work of Chicago chocolatier Katrina Markoff, who sells them under the company name Vosges Haut-Chocolat. And while the metaphor is not entirely successful (no shame in that, really, as few products can withstand a direct comparison to chocolate), it does show off this premium sheet rather nicely. A bold use of color backgrounds and closeup beauty shots of the confections themselves give you a good idea of this paper’s range.

Sterling Premium is available from 60 lb. Text through 130 lb. Cover, including 7 pt. and 9 pt. caliper guaranteed products for direct mail. There is also Sterling Premium Digital and Sterling Premium Digital for HP Indigo, guaranteed on all digital offset, toner and HP Indigo printers. For those environmental concerns, it’s made from 10% post-consumer recycled fiber and is FSC, (PEFC) and SFI certified.

PRO members, request your copy right now! (Not a member? Why not start your PRO membership today?)

verso elevatedverso elevated


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