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Letterpress business cards are wonderful paper emissaries if you’re trying to emphasize the quality and attention to detail of your brand, but some people also believe they have a somewhat limited range when it comes to impact. This week we take a look at three cards that run the gamut from “whoah!” to the business-card equivalent of someone your mother would like you to marry. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

A Colorful Riot of a Business Card

Australian design firm The Distillery never met a letterpress project they didn’t like, and channeled that letterpress love into a business card/coaster series that links different colors to beloved songs. Colorplan papers (available stateside from Legion Paper) are the star here, but these designs themselves have more than earned the right to take a bow.

distillery business carddistillery business carddistillery business card


‘Wired’ For the Boss

The folks at Wired magazine are really the last people you’d expect to be carrying letterpress business cards but they do, and those crafted by letterpress maestros Mama’s Sauce, at that. Foil stamped and edge painted, these come in two flavors: those that carry the name of publisher Condé Nast and those that don’t. Why this is we’re not sure. (This is accomplished during the same run with a plate swap.) In addition to the clean, efficient design, we love this one subtle detail: the “Wired” name appears in full on the cards bearing the publisher’s name, but only barely peeks up over the edge on those that don’t, like a child misbehaving the minute the parent has left the room.

wired business cardwired business cardwired business cardwired business card


Videographer’s Business Card

This is more along the lines of the pieces we think of when we think of letterpress business cards – a relatively simple design that exudes quality, inviting quiet contemplation about style and craft. We especially love the logo they came up with, interlocking A and Y in an anchor motif that yields even further discoveries the longer you look at it.

letterpress business cardletterpress business card


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