Font Wisdom that’s all in the Cards

typography_matchinggame3Like the superheroes that are all the rage at the moment, we designers spend most of our lives hiding a super power we all possess: super typography recognition. There are those among us who can tell our Garamonds from our Frutigers like nobody’s business.

Naturally this is a talent that we spend large parts of our non-work lives concealing from those we know and love, lest they treat us like the idiot savants that we are.

And then along comes Brazilian studio ps.2 arquitetura + design with “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog”  – flash cards that put our typeface identification skills front and center.


In all, 25 fonts are featured, challenging you to identify each only by the use of the letter “a” on one side. On the other, the name of the typeface, its demonstration in the sentence “The quick brown fox…,” along with year of creation, designer, foundry and country of origin.


While it’s hard to envision getting any long-term joy out of this product, we can easily see a fun-filled couple of days spent with designer friends – a perfect companion to the Beertone guide for a very unusual “lost weekend” indeed.


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