Cool Packaging: Le National Cognac

le national packaging

On June 6th, many Swedes probably lifted a glass or two of Le National cognac to celebrate the annual National Day of Sweden, and some may even have been fortunate enough to crack open several of the 1,500 limited edition packages of same. If so, they were in for quite a treat as the packaging, crafted by design firm Nine, felt every bit as historic as this century old tradition. The gorgeous label above was only the beginning, as you can see below.

le national packaging

Perhaps the most shocking detail about this entire package is Nine’s description of it, particularly the part about it having “a limited budget and tight time plan.” Is there anything here that cries “limited” anything…beyond the whole limited edition thing, that is?

le national packaging

The die-cut insert gives the bottle a nice place to nest inside the box, ensuring perfect presentation. And that is a locally minted brass coin pressed snuggly into a groove on the box lid.

le national packaging

Thus boxed, the packaging is now sealed shut with a gold foiled label that is itself rubber stamped with the word “cognac” over the “N” in “National” (see detail shot below), and hand tied with cord. The thought behind this? Nine explains “To lift the concept, a celebratory action is embedded in the destruction of the outer box label – by pulling the tarred hemp string and ripping the label the consumer is forced to destroy something beautiful in order to experience the product. By doing this a new tradition of celebration is born.”

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le national packaging


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