These printed, embossed and folded squares pay witty homage to the many romantic overtures, great inventions, clever marketing campaigns, and inspiring doodles birthed on cocktail napkins. So realistic, we nearly dabbed the tears from our creative-loving eyes with one.

The corner-stitched napkin set is actually the seventh issue of Wayward Arts Magazine, a publication from the printing company Flash Reproductions. Each month, a prominent Canadian design studio collaborates with the printing craftsmen to create an innovative piece that features specialty printing and finishing techniques.

An embossed pattern on the edges of the simulated napkins makes them so realistic. The napkin doodles are ideas from creative greats like Debbie Millman, Stefan Sagmeister, Gary Taxali, Sean Adams and James Victore. Printed on Domtar Cougar Vellum 60 lb. Text, they achieve that absorbent look – from coffee stains to ink bleed.

To spice up the inside of the napkins, secret messages like “Place your hand here. Feel the magic. Make the magic.” are printed in teeny tiny coral-colored type. Of course, once I got my magnifying glass out, I realized there were also hidden messages in the embossed edges. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Project Details

Title Napkinisms Client Flash Reproductions Date September 2013 Design Wax Partnership Print Flash Reproductions
Toronto, Canada
Paper Domtar Cougar Vellum White 60 lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions 6" x 6" Page Count 18 (simulated) napkins Print Quantity 2,500 Production Time One month Printing Method Offset Number of Colors 2 colors (PMS 805 + 877) Finishing and Binding Embossing


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