Project Blackbird Branding


Can you hear the staccato beat of trombones with those frenetic guitar riffs yet? That’s the James Bond theme music now playing in my head. I hate to be the wikileaker of the design world, but this branding package is going to blow the cover of some extremely talented operatives on both sides of this assignment.

Project Blackbird is a motion graphics/direction company that prides itself on staying behind the scenes and letting their clients’ messages take center stage. (Hence, the top-secret spy concept the design team chose).

From the unique custom-made security envelope to the inventive invoices, the components employ all the printing and finishing tools imaginable (letterpress and offset printing, gold foil stamping, hand assembly). Each tactile paper is perfectly chosen for its purpose (Crane’s Lettra Double Thick Cover for business and note cards and Cougar White Smooth Opaque Text for invoices and envelopes).

To stay consistent with the “For Your Eyes Only” theme, each piece of the collateral hides certain information with successive layers in the suite revealing more of the story. No detail was left to chance. The designers even blind embossed the back of the memo pad so the information is only truly legible if rubbed with lead or charcoal.

Project Blackbird Branding was featured as a Paper Inspiration.


Project Details

Title Project Blackbird Branding Client Project BlackBird Date July 2012 Design Matt Wegerer, Dan Paige,
Wes Heaton
Print Vahalla Studios, Kansas City, KS
Soli Printing, Kansas City, MO
Paper Neenah Crane Lettra Flourescent White 220 lb. DTC
Domtar Cougar White Smooth Opaque 80lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions Business Card: 3.5" x 2" with envelope,
Memo Pad: 4" x 9" with envelope,
Invoice: 8.5" x 11"
Print Quantity 2,000 Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Offset, letterpress Number of Colors Flat color ink(s), CMYK, gold foil Finishing and Binding Embossing, hand-assembled button and string, overprinting on converted envelope


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