Weingarten Art Group


When the word “art” appears in the name of the company that deals in fine art acquisition and management … well, what better inspiration can a designer receive when creating an identity package?

The design team at Rigsby Hull developed the new word-mark, which subtly highlights the “art” in Weingarten via a darker ink color. (The mark is also used on the website and blog as well as communications surrounding the launch).

Selecting the Kid finish on the Crane’s Crest adds a high-end, refined texture to the letterhead, notecard and envelope. The letterpress work is delicate and understated. Eliciting the image of canvas corner, a chevron shape composed of small dots appears on each piece in bright orange. Edge painting on the notecard and business card is done in a matching orange that glows with bright warmth.

The suite is appealing on every level with a sense of contemporary style and energy.


Project Details

Title Weingarten Art Group Client Weingarten Art Group Date On going Design Rigsby Hull Print Workhorse Printmakers
Houston, TX
Paper Neenah Paper Cranes Crest
Kid Finish Fluorescent White
179 lb. Cover

Production Details

Print Quantity 1,000 Production Time 60 days Printing Method Letterpress, offset Number of Colors 3 colors Finishing and Binding Loose bound


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