Office Turntable Cranks up the QR

kontor_records1bYou can’t throw a wad of paper at the rubbish bin these days without somebody trying to add “augmented reality” to it. Yet, as with QR codes, the features offered by this print-digital pairing rarely are worth the effort. Occasionally, however, somebody gets it right.

Aiming to promote the latest track of house-music producer Boris Dlugosch to advertising agencies, Germany’s Kontor Records really flexed their creative muscle and came up with “The Office Turntable.”

kontor_records3Ad agencies being notorious for ignoring promo CDs, Kontor sent them a full-size record instead. The vinyl was enclosed in a specially developed envelope that folds out to resemble a turntable. The recipient then placed the LP onto the platter portion of the “turntable,” scanned a QR code with their smartphone, and then placed their phone over the record to play the track.


On the smartphone screen, the virtual turntable arm hovers over a spinning version of the album. By sliding the arm further into the album on the screen, the user hears a different song, or a different part of the same song. This well-thought-out melding of paper design, vinyl and QR code usage paid off with:

  • 71% of the 900 turntable QR codes activated (64% more than an average response)
  • 42% following the link to Kontor’s online store.



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