Appleton Coated’s Digital Wild Card

AppletonCtd_UChooseDon’t get us wrong; we enjoy the many swatchbooks and helpful promotions that come our way – what paper fanatic wouldn’t? Yet sometimes the soul yearns for something novel, something fun. And along comes Appleton Coated’s new “U Choose: Digital Utopia,” as if to say “Can you believe your luck?”

Designed to show off the possibilities of digital printing’s variable data feature, this item gleefully replaces the traditional swatchbook-like promo with a boxed card deck.

AppletonCtd_UChoose_120pxHere’s what was accomplished:

  • 39 unique cards per box
  • 13,600 different cover-art combinations (printed in sequence on the same press)
  • 12 papers from both the Utopia and Curious Collection lines
  • Cards printed on Indigo, iGen and NexPress, allowing for side-by-side comparisons

We’ll take these cards over your World Series of Poker regulation packs any day!

PRO Members, click here to request your Appleton Coated “U Choose: Digital Utopia” promotion today. SORRY THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED.


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