GPA's Translucent Digital Paper

gpa translucent digital sheetIf you’re looking to add an air of mystery and distinction to your next short-run fly sheet, overlay or bellyband, GPA’s brand new Ultra Digital 80 lb. Translucent Text for HP Indigo presses is well worth considering. And unlike many traditional vellum papers that are often instilled with resin, this new sheet is very eco-friendly indeed: FSC certified, recyclable and biodegradable.

But enough about how this paper will end its life – GPA has some suggestions about how it can make your work stand out in the here and now:

“Since these papers are made without resins and chemical additives, they are very soft to the touch and more easily folded than translucent sheets made with additives. Ultra Digital Translucent Paper can be easily scored, cut, folded, glued, UV coated, embossed, and foil stamped for endless creative uses. You can also print these papers with white ElectroInk to create clever special effects and play with its opacity.”

Invitations, corporate collateral and direct mail are just some of its suggested uses. More info here.

gpa translucent digital sheet

  1. Tatana Kellner 5 years ago

    can you please send me sample sheets of your most translucent papers suitable for inkjet printers?
    Thank you!

    • Aaron Berman 5 years ago

      Hi Tatana. We don’t supply paper samples ourselves but our PRO members can order swatchbooks and promotions from dozens of paper mills through our members-only site – more information here:

      Otherwise, you can reach GPA directly here: [email protected]

      Hope that helps 🙂

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