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five star bank invite designToday, the term “immersive experience” seems to be shorthand for “means of escape from reality,” and of course we all need that once in a while. But there is another type of immersive experience – one in which an elegantly designed artwork uses a combination of beauty and texture to draw you in for a closer look and caress. (Rated G, gang, really.) This week, we discover the sophisticated side of MailChimp, celebrate an anniversary we had no idea we cared about, and return to the pink-hued Republic of Zubrowka with a must-see print. Go on, immerse yourself. (And for more Cool Designs of the Week, immerse yourself right here.)

Drool-worthy MailChimp Playing Card Design

If you think the above sub-headine is unexpected, wait till you clap eyes on these cards. A collaboration between email company MailChimp, Fuzzco and theory11 (yes, company names are increasingly becoming as nonsensical as Hollywood baby names) these playing cards are gorgeous, and slide neatly into an even more gorgeous box. The latter come with either red foil on blue card stock or black foil on black card stock. (Decks can be purchased for $10 here.)

mail chimp cards designmail chimp cards designmail chimp cards designmail chimp cards design


Five Star Bank Anniversary Invitation Suite Design

Our expectations for bank-related design is about what you’d expect, but Position Interactive’s work to promote Five Star Bank’s 15th anniversary is a revelation. The suite consists of a 2-sided invitation, an envelope, and an RSVP card. Their use of gold and clear foil really transforms this from marketing suite to works of art.

five star bank invite design


‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Print

If ever there was a film made to appeal to designers and other visual artists it’s the Oscar-winning Wes Anderson comedy-drama “The Grand Budapest Hotel” – you could easily print out any frame from the movie and hang it on your wall. And with Alex Pearson’s 24″-x-36″-silkscreen print for a Spoke Art gallery exhibition dedicated to Anderson’s work, you can essentially do just that. The 100 lb. matte paper really plays up the textured effect of Pearson’s art. For some great behind-the-scenes print production details, check out UnderConsideration’s writeup. (The print itself can be had for $50 here.)

grand budapest hotel print designgrand budapest hotel print designgrand budapest hotel print design



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