Font for Philippines Disaster Relief

fontaidThe design community continues to rally around relief efforts in The Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. And now, for the seventh disaster running, The Society of Typographic Aficionados is trying to do its part to help by organizing “Font Aid VII” – a project that will create a collaborative typeface based on the eight-rayed sun of the Philippine flag.

Simply design a single glyph for this typeface, and send it to the society via the link above. The resulting typeface will then be sold for $20 a pop, with proceeds going to relief efforts. Hurry: Deadline for submission is Dec. 1.

Since 1999, the society has rallied the design community to create collaborative typefaces to aide in the relief of worldwide disasters – natural and manmade (e.g., 2001’s aided the victims of 9/11).

As always, it’s probably best to send money directly to the Red Cross, but really anything you can do means a little less misery for some, and another noble example for others.


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