Take Note Award Winner: Luminares Poster


Kevin Cantrell’s Luminares Poster Receives PaperSpecs Gallery’s Take Note Award for Quarter Three 2013.

The “Let There Be Light” creation story of Genesis is the lofty inspiration for this amazing poster conceived by graphic designer Kevin Cantrell and sponsored by Gruppo Cordenons.

Palo Alto, California – November 19, 2013 – “There’s no foil stamping, no ink. It’s purely gorgeous design,” says Jennifer Morla, president and creative director of Morla Design (San Francisco).

Morla, guest judge for PaperSpecs Gallery’s quarterly competition, selected Kevin Cantrell’s Luminares poster as the Take Note Award winner for Quarter Three 2013.

Cantrell conceived the piece based on the “let there be light” creation story from the first chapter of Genesis. A delicate blend of paper and printing technique transforms the beautiful letterforms created by Cantrell for this poster design into a visual representation of light at dawn. Hot stamping on Gruppo Cordenons’ Moondream resulted in stunning blind-embossed impressions that turn translucent when held up to the light.

“The other amazing thing is the size of the poster,” says Morla. “I do a lot of embossing/debossing projects, and the fact that the paper didn’t stretch or wrinkle on the sides is a testament to the craftsmanship on this piece.

Cantrell and his printing partner, Gottschall Engraving (Salt Lake City, Utah), experimented until they perfected the process that required a unique combination of pressure and temperature.

The project, which has evolved in ways Cantrell only imagined, might never have been realized had it not been for an observant paper rep – just part of the magic surrounding this poster.

To read the full inside story on the Luminares poster, please visit https://www.paperspecs.com/tna-luminares-poster/.

About Our Judge: Jennifer Morla

Jennifer Morla is president and creative director of Morla Design, San Francisco. With over 300 awards of excellence, she has been recognized by virtually every organization in the field of visual communication. She is the 2010 recipient of graphic design’s most honored award, the AIGA Medal, and has been published extensively, most notably in Meggs’ History of Graphic Design. Since opening Morla Design in 1984, she has continued to pair wit and elegance on everything from motion graphics and branding to retail environments and textiles. Clients include Levi Strauss, Apple Computer, Wells Fargo Bank, Herman Miller, Stanford University, Sculpture Center, and Design Within Reach. For her accomplishments with DWR, the company was awarded the prestigious AIGA Corporate Leadership Medal for the successful interaction between aesthetics and business pragmatics. http://morladesign.com/

About Our Winner: Kevin Cantrell
Kevin Cantrell is an artist and graphic designer with a passion for typography. While he currently calls Utah home and serves as art director at Hint Creative in Salt Lake City, Kevin has lived in Germany, South Africa, Brazil, and New York. His experiences in these places have helped him understand brand ethnographic influences. One underlying process guides his approach to art and design: to strategically and elegantly communicate a story that resonates with the audience. Cantrell has received broad recognition for his work: Type Director’s Club 59, Typography 34; Communication Arts Design Annual 2013; Print Portfolio Review, Reader’s Choice; Print Regional Design Annual 2012; How Design 6 + 5 – 30, June Issue; How Design Top 10 Sites for Designers, November 2012; Graphis – New Talent Annual 2008; AIGA Salt Lake City – Copper Ingots, 2008-2009, 2011-2013; Viction:Ary – I Love Avant Garde; STEVEN HELLER – Design School Confidential. http://www.kevincantrell.com

About Our Sponsor: Erickson Stock
Erickson Stock is a photo boutique featuring images that are 
anything but “stock.” Founded by veteran commercial photographer
Jim Erickson, Erickson Stock boasts more than 60,000 images 
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The Take Note Award winner is garnered from the top ten entries selected by popular vote of online visitors to the Gallery. Based on design, print quality and paper choice, a notable industry designer serving as guest judge then selects the winning piece.

PaperSpecs Gallery Take Note Award winners receive special recognition in the PaperSpecs e-newsletter as well as a video highlighting the winning piece. The video can be viewed at the PaperSpecs Gallery website at http://www.paperspecsgallery.com.

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