FAME wins PaperSpecs Gallery TAKE NOTE Award


Matt Cooke, head of user experience at Iron Creative Communication, selects FAME as PaperSpecs Gallery TAKE NOTE Award Winner for Quarter Two 2014.

FAME designed an engaging suite of deliverables for AIGA Minnesota’s Design Camp 2013 that creatively connected attendees to the theme and experience of this 34-year-old event.

Palo Alto, California – August 5, 2014 – “I was really impressed with the breadth of the deliverables and how all the pieces in the system worked so well together,” says Matt Cooke, creative director at Iron Creative Communication (San Francisco) and judge of PaperSpecs Gallery TAKE NOTE Award for Quarter Two 2014.

Cooke selected FAME (Minneapolis, Minnesota) as the winner for the suite of conference materials that the brand marketing agency designed for AIGA Minnesota’s Design Camp 2013. The pieces included an invitation, mailer that folded out into a poster, sketchbook, lanyard, guidebook, pencils, fabric patch, and badges.

Using the childhood experience of summer camp as its inspiration, FAME’s fresh iconography and charming copywriting style imbued the materials with all-out joy and fun. To engage the audience prior to the event, an interactive feature was incorporated into the poster. Guided by the clever line – “Go on, toast that marshmallow to a perfect Pantone 138.” ­– invitees scanned the Gather ’Round logo with their smartphones. This led to an augmented reality app that allowed the user to toast a virtual marshmallow to his or her desired PMS color. The app is complete with sound effects (hooting owl), moving graphics (the campfire logs rotate into a stick with a marshmallow on the end) and editorial comment on the color chosen (choose the burnt black and you’ll see a “Ah, you’re that guy.” message).

“Making technology whimsical is a difficult thing to do,” adds Cooke, “and this app design does it beautifully. But the design is successful thanks to all its impressive elements: the creative concept of bringing people together around a campfire, original iconography, striking two-color palette, copywriting with a distinct voice, cohesive blending of several different uncoated papers, and an effective mix of letterpress and offset printing.”

So how did the team at FAME feel about designing for designers? Read more about that and how FAME created the AIGA Minnesota Design Camp 2013 invitation and conference materials at https://www.paperspecs.com/round-the-campfire-design-camp/.

To watch a video about this winning project, please visit https://www.paperspecs.com/gallery-design-camp/.


About Our Judge: Matt Cooke
Creative director and head of user experience at Iron Creative Communication in San Francisco, Matt Cooke helped establish the award-winning design firm in 2003. He’s passionate about interactive design and is driven to create innovative interactive designs that fulfill a purpose and solve real needs for real people. His work is always filtered through the lens of the end user. Cooke has designed major interactive applications for Levi’s, Dockers, The North Face, and Specialized Bicycles, to name just a few. http://ironcreative.com/

About Our Winner: FAME
FAME (www.fameretail.com) is a brand marketing agency rooted in retail expertise. Since 1990, they’ve successfully helped clients in industries ranging from entertainment, grocery and home furnishings to healthcare and restaurants. FAME is part of the TBWA Network and Omnicom Group portfolio, and was named TBWA’s fastest growing agency in 2010.

About Our Sponsor: Clampitt Paper
Clampitt Paper, a family-owned and operated company, was started in 1941 by Max Clampitt and is now run by his youngest son Don Clampitt. Clampitt is a paper merchant that sells direct to large- and small-scale printers as well as creative designers and local artists.http://www.clampitt.com

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The TAKE NOTE Award winner is garnered from the top ten entries selected by popular vote of online visitors to the Gallery. Based on design, print quality and paper choice, a notable industry designer serving as guest judge then selects the winning piece.

PaperSpecs Gallery TAKE NOTE Award winners receive special recognition in the PaperSpecs e-newsletter as well as a video highlighting the winning piece. The video can be viewed at the PaperSpecs Gallery website at http://www.paperspecsgallery.com.

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