Funky Cardboard Pinhole Cameras

viddy_125Last year, UK artist Kelly Angood created a minor phenomenon by Kickstarting The Pop-up Pinhole Project – a stylish, full-size pinhole camera that purchasers could assemble by popping out individual pieces from card stock. Now she’s back with a Kickstarter for a small line of mini-pinhole cameras far funkier than the first. (It’s already surpassed its funding goal with more than a month still to go.)

The Viddy camera accommodates both medium format and 35mm film, and comes in a variety of designs that have been screen printed and diecut onto cardboard.



Also included: red-light-proof window, reclaimed medium format spool and a customizable sticker sheet. “This edition incorporates a film viewing window, shutter indicator and a virtually glue-free construction,” points out

You can put the whole thing together in under 30 minutes.




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