Make Green Marketing Claims Credible

Two Sides has announced a nationwide initiative to assist major U.S. companies in developing and implementing best practices related to environmental marketing claims for print and paper.

“The objective of our new program is to offer our expertise at no cost to U.S. corporations who currently make environmental claims about print and paper relative to online billing and communication. Our research has shown that many companies are using negative claims that are not verifiable or factual related to the environmental impacts of print and paper, and as a result do not meet best practice guidelines for environmental marketing,“ says Two Sides president and COO Phil Riebel.

“Two Sides and our 60 member companies are committed to sharing our collective expertise on the life-cycle and environmental impacts of print and paper. Our discussions to date have been very productive and the end result has been more accurate claims that are not damaging to the paper, printing and mailing sectors that provide over eight million (8,000,000) U.S. jobs.”


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