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resume_125We’re not sure whether the recent influx of clever résumés speaks to an uptick in job hunting or an excess of profitable employment, complete with free time. Either way, it’s always fun to see what creatives come up with when it comes to selling themselves.

Graphic designer Anthony Cole’s Swiss-Army-knife-style leave behind is a brilliant idea that must’ve taken some skill to prepare. Getting those detailed cuts on the blades alone without ending up with little tears along the edges itself must’ve been quite the challenge. Then there’s giving those rivets just enough tension to ensure the blades remain open – quite an achievement.



Matthew Hirsch transformed his “thank you” note to the creative directors who spoke at his design class into a clever résumé that they would all remember. Listing his skills as the main ingredients, he wrapped the whole thing around a real Hershey bar. At least we hope that’s what he did – you don’t want to begin a professional relationship with a milk chocolate bait ‘n switch.




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