Your Summer Adventure Kit

kit_125It is only after we see a project that truly blows us away that we realize just how seldom that actually happens. The Adventure Supply Kit created by Mia Johnson is one of those packages that not only wows you with its brilliance and symmetry, but is also somehow greater than the sum of its parts. In this case, presentation is everything.

Johnson, a publishing design fellow at Chronicle Books, has crafted a kit that reminds “us what it is like to go out with just some simple items in our bag and let experiences happen to us,” according to her site.

The “bag” in question is actually an elegant wood box with what appears to be a black-felt lining, perfectly designed to display the paper goodness within.


Inside you’ll find a series of notebooks for sketching and recording adventures, a world map, star charts, postcards, a calendar, binoculars and much, much more. Also included: beautifully designed classic books about travel including Charles Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle and South by Ernest Shackleton.

Says Johnson on her site, “It is my hope that the items in the kit will rekindle that childhood curiosity and spirit of adventure, and that they can remind us and reintroduce us to some of the skills and tools that have become more or less obsolete in our modern world.”





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